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Healthy Seed strives to produce rich and diverse multimedia content. Articles and videos covering a wide variety of themes are integrated into a comprehensive parenting information databank and disseminated via different media channels, including TV, radio, newspaper, magazines and social media. Either offline or online, the public can access this interactive resource platform to keep abreast of professional and trustworthy parenting information at ease.

Content Features

  • Experts from different sectors are invited to provide consultation or supervision services through the writing of articles or contributing to content production. These experts include pediatricians, ophthalmologists and optometrists, educational psychologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, dietitians, nurses, artists, principals, STEM teachers, pre-school educators and experienced registered social workers. These professionals examine and discuss latest parenting issues with parents, giving them trustworthy information and advice.

  • Related multimedia content is presented in the form of articles, illustrations and videos, among others, covering a wide range of topics that address the needs of different families and the general public. These topics include current parenting issues, family relationship, character development, healthcare, learning and growth. They enable parents to get hold of parenting skills and knowledge in an effective and interesting way.

  • Facebook posts acknowledge our fans the latest content that we have published on our official website. They can have a quick glimpse of the summary of articles and videos by reading the posts.

  • Release the most updated news concerning the Early Childhood Care Development and enable the public to follow the current development of the ECCD industry.

  • Provide a platform for the general public to share and discuss the current parenting issues. Ideas from different perspectives can be incorporated to improve planning in relation to the whole- person development of children.

  • Real-time live program “Parenting Live Chat” is frequently presented. Professionals are invited to share knowledge and advice on positive parenting and healthcare issues. They also interact with parents and our Facebook fans instantly by answering their questions rose at the live chat.

  • Our self-produced videos are all uploaded on our YouTube channel. They are categorized according to different themes in various playlists. Parents can watch those videos regardless of time and location.

  • Contents are presented in the format of animation, interview, infographic and real-live samples. Such multi-media content help parents acquire parenting skills and knowledge easily.

  • A standalone playlist for “Super Daddy” series with season one to three is created. Parents can examine how 20 families tackled with children problem behaviors at all once; and along, they can learn practical parenting techniques derived from the HOPE-20®program.

  • Instagram posts show highlights of our videos and brief summary of the latest articles. Short but concrete messages help promote the ideas of positive parenting.

  • The best moment of our activities are captioned and shown, letting our stakeholders understand our organization and services and connect with us.



Since 2017, Healthy Seed has produced the parent education TV reality program “Super Daddy” series. The series comprises season one to three with a total of 24 episodes (8 episodes x 3 seasons). The first two seasons were broadcast on ViuTV in 2017-2018, while the third season has been presented on TVB myTV SUPER and TVB Anywhere since 2019. The program showed how 20 families tackled with children problem behaviors with the aid of parenting methods derived from the HOPE-20®program. Not only have these 20 participating families gained by learning practical parenting skills, but parents who watched the show.



RTHK Radio 31 “Adorable Baby” series

  • “Adorable Baby” series was broadcast from 2015 to 2017.

    Experts and professionals were invited to share their parenting ideas and methodologies.

    Parents joined in the program to discuss their parenting difficulties with HOPE-20®program instructors (Registered Social Workers) and seek advices.

RTHK Radio 2 “Morning Suite”

  • Since September 2017, Healthy Seed’s Education Officers (Registered Social Workers) have been sharing parenting skills twice a month on the radio program “Morning Suite” on RTHK Radio 2. Contents touch upon the common parenting problems which resonate with parents encountering the same issues.

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