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Many people are very reluctant to seek counseling service due to misconceptions that counseling is only for those in very serious situations, and that they will be compelled to make changes during the counselling process. These misconceptions may have prevent people from seeking help, and therefore miss the opportunity to intervene, which make the problem even more troublesome.

The following is feedback from participants after completing the counseling:

"I always feel lost and confused about life. It is difficult for me to reorganize my life since there are too many vicissitudes. After the counselling, I got a more comprehensive understanding of myself under the social worker’s professional guidance."


"The feedback from the social worker is like a mirror that reflect my situation, and help to review my problems. The social worker was able to summarize a few salient points in a comprehensive manner, which facilitate me to think about what I can do next. "


Healthy Seed has been providing Single Session Counseling Service since 2021. Majority of the participants are able to gain clarify on what to expect in life, set small and practical goal to make changes, understand their abilities and inner strength to affirm and appreciate themselves. Some of them metaphorically describe the service as "cleaning up the cabinet", systematically sorting out what used to be a mess, and then set goal to move forward.


The service adopts Solution- Focused Therapy, which emphasizes:

1) "Problem" is not a problem. It is just a nuisance

2) Everyone has the ability to face adversity

3) Start with small changes, which in turn will trigger other changes in life


Service target: Member of Healthy Seed Center, who is suffering from emotional distress, feeling lost in facing difficulties, seeking for self-growth, etc.



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