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The Family Health Service of the Department of Health provided

Changing nappy for baby


Before changing your baby's nappy, make sure you have everything you need, like a clean nappy and cotton wool soaked with cool boiled water. Also prepare some baby cream and clean clothes where necessary. Remember to wash your hands before changing nappies.


Put your baby on a changing mat. Unfasten the nappy tapes. When changing nappy for a baby boy, you need to watch out as he tends to wee right after the nappy is taken off. So, unfold the nappy slowly and check before wiping.


Hold up your baby's legs using one hand to slightly lift his bottom. Fold the front part of the nappy inward to cover the soiled side. Then place the baby's bottom back onto the unsoiled front side of the nappy.


It's time to clean now. Use a piece of damp cotton wool to wipe and clean the genital area and the bottom. Use a new piece for every wipe. Pay attention to areas between skin folds, like those between the bottom and the thighs .


For a baby boy, you also need to lift the scrotum to clean the underside and areas between all the little folds.


When cleaning a baby girl, always wipe from front to back to prevent any excretion from getting into her urinary and vaginal openings located in front of her anus, which could cause infections.


Also, a baby girl's genital is delicate and can be hurt easily. So there's no need to rub and clean inside the folds.


After cleaning, roll up and reseal the soiled nappy, then set it aside before disposing of it.


Take a clean nappy and place the half with the tapes beneath your baby's bottom. Put on a new nappy when the baby's skin is dry. You may put a thin layer of barrier cream first if necessary.


Fold up the front flap, tuck it around your baby's waist and secure it by attaching the tapes to the front part of the nappy. If you change nappy for a newborn, remember to fold down the top of the nappy to prevent the nappy from covering the umbilical cord.


After putting on the nappy, check if it fits well. You should be able to comfortably run your fingers between the nappy and your baby's tummy and thighs. If it is too loose, wee and poo may leak out from the sides. If it is too tight, it will cause discomfort.


Lastly, put your baby in a safe place such as a baby cot. Remember, never leave your baby alone on the changing table or your bed!


Dispose of the soiled nappy in the garbage bin and wash your hands afterwards.

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