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The Family Health Service of the Department of Health provided

Steps in using Digital Thermometer


Digital thermometers are used to test baby's rectal and axillary temperature, Sterilize the thermometer with alcohol before use, then switch it on.


Taking the axillary temperature


 Hold the baby in your arm or lay her on the bed. Put the end of the thermometer in firm and direct contact with her armpit. Hold the thermometer in place by pressing baby's arm against her body. Keep the thermometer in place until you hear the beeps.


Taking the rectal temperature


Taking rectal temperature is similar to taking axillary temperature. Sterilize the thermometer first and apply some lubricant over the sensor end. For newborns and young infants, lay them on the bed when taking rectal temperature. Lift up the baby's feet and seperate her buttocks. Insert the thermometer into her anus to about 1.3 to 2.5cm, that is, about half to full length of your finger tip. Hold it in place and avoid pushing it in too far. Clean the baby's anus and place her in a safe place before you read the temperature. Record the temperature reading and turn off the thermometer. Clean the thermometer with alcohol before storing it.

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The above information is provided by The Family Health Service of the Department of Health

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